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Jeffson Ong completes a throw for the Philippines against Canada Mixed. Photo by Deepthi Indukuri. ShowGame Beach Tales Game review: Philippines Mixed vs Canada Mixed 17:06 - Jun 21

The Philippines and Canada entered yesterday’s Mixed contest in similar positions. Both were undefeated as yet in the pool, both had conceded fewer than 30 points and scored around 60. It carried an air of [Read More…]

TT-170620-095155 ShowGame Beach Tales A turning point for Turkey 09:06 - Jun 21

We catch up with captain Emre Can after following Turkey’s progress throughout Day 3 of the tournament Turkey may seem to be a new team on the international scene but they did in fact represent [Read More…]

Spain move the disc quickly against The Netherlands. Photo by Tino Tran. ShowGame Beach Tales Spain Men: un juego de pulgadas 09:06 - Jun 21

Where has this Spain team come from? That must have been the thought of the Canadian players, as Spain secured a 7-0 lead, and eventually a 12-8 win. Or maybe the Singaporean players, as Spain [Read More…]

WCBU2017_Day3_ITA_DOM-1925 ShowGame Beach Tales Game review: Italy Mixed vs Dominican Republic Mixed 23:06 - Jun 20

The Italian Mixed team seem to be a real contender. They fell to the USA by three points, 11-8, but had the disc at 8-8 before some poor choices in the wind sent them to [Read More…]

WCBU2017_Day3_ITA_DOM-1917 ShowGame Beach Tales So, what’s happened at WCBU so far? 23:06 - Jun 20

It’s day three in Royan, and the pool stages are finally drawing to a close in some divisions (Mixed, Women’s, Men’s Masters). Teams are finding themselves under pressure to get that last, necessary win to [Read More…]

Great Britain handler Si Hill makes a throw against France. Photo by Deepthi Indukuri. ShowGame Beach Tales Game review: France Grandmasters vs Great Britain Grandmasters 22:06 - Jun 20

Background France, as the host nation, really want to perform in front of the crowds. Fastforward to mid-day Tuesday, and only their Mixed Masters and Grandmaster Men’s teams are unbeaten.  This French Grandmasters team is [Read More…]

Sarah Eklund catches a score for Sweden Mixed. Photo by Tino Tran. ShowGame Beach Tales Game review: Sweden Mixed vs Netherlands Mixed 22:06 - Jun 20

As Mixed Pool C begins to heat up, two teams in the hunt for a comfortable place in the top eight come bracket play, Sweden and The Netherlands, faced off. Before the game, NED had [Read More…]

Anatoly Vasilyev probably threw a score after catching this. Photo by Deepthi Indukuri. ShowGame Beach Tales Game review: Russia Mixed vs Austria Mixed 22:06 - Jun 20

The Russian Mixed team entered Tuesday unbeaten, beating Great Britain, Malaysia and Ukraine. Austria had lost heavily to Great Britain but brought in wins against a much-fancied Portugal team (albeit on universe point) and Poland. [Read More…]

Monica Saade lays out for a catch against Australia. Photo by Tino Tran. ShowGame Beach Tales UAE Women showing how far they’ve come 16:06 - Jun 20

The UEA Women’s first international appearance was on home turf at the Dubai WCBU two years ago. Even though they finished in bottom place last time round, this year they found themselves beginning the tournament [Read More…]

John Espe has been laying out a lot. Photo by Deepthi Indukuri. ShowGame Beach Tales Biba Guåhån! Guam are in Royan to show they belong 15:06 - Jun 20

Guam is a new team on the international scene, which isn’t exactly surprising. Guam is a tiny island out in the Pacific Ocean with a population of 170,000. The fact they have an Ultimate scene [Read More…]

Sahir Jamal after a point for UAE mixed. Photo by Tino Tran. ShowGame Beach Tales Game review: Korea Mixed vs UAE Mixed 10:06 - Jun 20

The United Arab Emirates, who hosted WCBU 2015, faced off against newcomers to the beach the Republic of Korea in an affair that featured many expats and showed an array of global talent. Both teams [Read More…]

A Mexican player makes a great layout catch against Netherlands Mixed. Photo by Deepthi Indukuri. ShowGame Beach Tales Game review: Netherlands Mixed vs Mexico Mixed 23:06 - Jun 19

Background Mexico have never played WCBU before. Now, here in Royan, we get to see them for the first time. After years of building a reputation for themselves on the international scene at U23s and [Read More…]